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Mortgage Partners Corporation

Mortgage Brokerage Firm

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Mortgage Partners Corporation is a professional Mortgage Brokerage Firm with highly experienced financial planners and mortgage brokers in Ontario. Our team of professionals cater to; first time home buyers, current home owners, new comers to Canada, or simply those looking for funds fast. Mortgage Partners consists of a highly skilled and experienced team with backgrounds in financial planning, insurance, real estate, small business’ and acquisitions. We have a reputation in the mortgage industry for working with credit challenged clients, to consolidate debt, save them from foreclosures and assist them in rebuilding their credit rating. We understand that each mortgage transaction is unique and we are committed to satisfying our clients’ needs and financial requirements. Mortgage Partners Corporation has an effective approach to financing and the best roster of institutional and private lenders on our side. Mortgage Partners Corporation is an Independent boutique Brokerage firm founded by Mr. Kash Toor – Managing Partner. With our years of hands on experience we have been able to help thousands of mortgage and real estate clients lock into low rates, pay out debt and obtain private money for unforeseen emergencies and investments. Here at Mortgage Partners we value our investors and have built long term relationships with them. We provide them with a competitive rate of return in Ontario’s real estate market. This has allowed us to fund some of the most challenging mortgage transactions to date. We are involved daily with the Toronto and Ontario real estate market and have created tools which are both informative and useful for our clients. Being in the mortgage business, we also understand that mortgages can seem daunting to many people, so we showcase different mortgage products.

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