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Barbecues Galore

Bronze Sponsor

Without exaggeration, the world’s most eager barbecue store and wholesale propane distribution company hit the street in 1979. Our tale didn’t stop there. Barbecues Galore unveiled a new facility in southern Calgary in 1993, and we expanded our brand by acquiring Woods Fireplaces in 1996. It enabled us to share our enthusiasm and experience with a wider audience, as well as discover fresh applications for our skills. Since then, barbecues have just been a part of the bigger picture. We offer infinite fire. We’re your one-stop-shop for localized heating, entertainment, cooking, and ambience fire. We’re all about providing you with the tools and knowledge you’ll need to succeed as a fire enthusiast. Fire’s not just an antiquated source of life. Fire serves something ancient within us. After putting Calgary’s barbecue market into a chokehold, we looked east—and with a BBQ store in Etobicoke, we’ve lent the entire GTA a hand with all their barbecue, fireplace, heating, and patio living needs. See us in store for the exciting conclusion to this story, where your entire patio meets its destiny.

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