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Downsview Park

35 Carl Hall Road

North York, Ontario

Downsview Park is a dynamic park that combines active and passive elements, reflecting the diverse nature of the surrounding Downsview community.

Visitors from all over the Greater Toronto Area are attracted to the Park’s various on-site uses, ranging from education, sports, nature, recreation and cultural events. Often compared to the great parks of the world, Downsview has not had the same hundreds of years to cultivate. Originating from humble beginnings, borne of a community rich with heritage and proud of its storied military history, Downsview Park today is still in its infancy.

As with many other dynamic parks around the world, Downsview will never be finished or stop growing. Over the course of decades and beyond, Downsview Park will continue to constantly develop, change and mature to reflect the surrounding community with each generation. Downsview Park aspires to be the cornerstone of its community as it continues to transform and blossom. Watch us grow with you!