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Serious Trouble
Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute

Tribute Band

Serious Trouble, a Stevie Ray Vaughan Experience, is a group of 4 experienced musical professionals, who have come together with the goal of bringing you, the audience, the very best in tne music and sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan!

The band recreates the sounds and vibe of Stevie, with the sole intention of transporting you back to the days of a live concert... in fact, close your eyes, listen to the music, and imagine that you are actually at a show, hearing the band rip through their hits, just as they did in the 1980's!

The boys play with all the high energy and excitement that the original band did, so that you can enjoy all your favourite hits from Stevie's vast repertoire just as Stevie intended you to! Including such songs as Pride and Joy / Tightrope / Cold Shot / Couldn't Stand the Weather / Voo Doo Chile / Mary Had a Little Lamb / Little Wing / The House is Rocking, and many more, you will be amazed at this faithful recreation of Stevie's legacy!

You will find yourself drawn in from start to finish, as Serious Trouble takes you on a trip through the Stevie Ray Vaughan Experience, so come out and see the band at a festival or event near you!

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